Bonbela Shop s the owner of the website and operates it. The terms we, us, and our, refers to Bonbela Shop. We provide the information, services, and tools on the website only for the users. Surfing through our website means that users have agreed to our website's terms, conditions, announcements, and strategies. Buying or viewing the website means that you are following the terms and conditions. The strategies of the website are applied to the dealers, browsers, vendors, and consumers. 

Please read the terms and conditions stated on the website. If you cannot agree to the conditions, you cannot access the website or use our services. The tools or features added to the website are also depending on the terms and conditions. 

The team of Bonbela reserves the right to substitute or modify the terms of service and do necessary updates on the portal. The users must check those updates occasionally to comprehend the modifications and agree to accept them or not. We have hosted our store on Shopify.Inc and we are eligible to sell merchandise and services on this online e-commerce platform. 

Section-1 Terms relating to the online store

You need to agree on the terms and conditions of our website, and accordingly, your minors can also use this platform. You can use none of our products for any unlawful or unofficial purposes. Users should not use our services to intrude upon the laws in their jurisdiction. Users need to ensure that they do not convey any destructive virus, worms, or code to our website.

Defilement or break of any of the terms of services mentioned above may lead to a conclusion of your services. 

Section-2 General terms and conditions

You need to take prior permission to copy, duplicate or sell or resell any statistics on the website. The team of Bonbela reserves the right to reject service to anybody at any time for any cause. 

Section-3 Accurateness, Fullness and Relevance Of Information

If the data mentioned on the website is not truthful, our team is not accountable. It is always a good option to re-confirm the statistics, and then you decide to evade dangers. 

Section 4 – Alterations To The Facilities And Prices

The team of Bonbela possesses the right to change the price of the product and services without any prior notice.

We are not accountable to our website users or any other third party for an alteration in price or postponement of services. 

Section 5 – Merchandises Or Facilities

The products and services may be available in limited quantities depending on the stock obtainable. The display of products on the website may not always be of perfect color. Users need to follow the Return or Exchanges policies according to our return or exchange strategy. We never mention any warranty that the products, services of Bonbela can come across your prospects.